5 Content Mistakes that are Hurting Your SEO Rankings

With the ever-changing search pattern and frequent algorithm modifications of Google, it is sometimes hard to keep track of SEO strategies that boost your business and those that can hurt it.

To acing the SEO game, you need to understand the SEO & SMO Services strategies of Google.

To rank better, Google has several factors that you should consider a Content Marketing Services is among them. But, as you probably heard “nobody got time for that”. One of the best ways is to hire any SEO Agency in Noida. They will keep you updated from making Content Marketing Services mistakes that can gravely affect your SEO ranking.

Let’s take a deep dive into some of the most common SMO Services, SEO, and Content Marketing Services errors so that you can start things off on the right track or get yourself away from the wrong direction if you’re already on it!

Common Content Mistakes That Will Harm SEO Ranking

Another thing we know about Google is that it puts heavy penalties on those which it found to be using illegitimate steps to get ahead of others. Here are the mistakes to refrain from if you don’t want to suffer those penalties.

Mistake # 1: Neglecting Keyword

People don’t search for a single word as a keyword instead they use a phrase, this is keyword research. In Content Marketing Services Keyword research is one of the substantial parts for useful searchability.

If you ignore keyword research, your overall SEO ranking also gets hurt.

How to fix it?

To fix such a mistake, you need to target the right keywords and provide a genuine solution to the searcher’s query. You can also take assistance from any SEO Agency in Noida that supports you to gain your SEO ranking and help in the growth of your business.

Mistake # 2: Too Short Content

These days, the Google guidelines of Content Marketing Services say that content should be longer.
Studies show that bloggers who invest more time in content get better results. According to the study of SERPIQ, the first result in the SERP content has 2,416 words, while it is 2,032 for the 10th one.

Generally, experts suggest giving at least 300 words to Google and other search engines to work with, though longer is typically recommended. But, if your topic needs more content to cover the topic just go for it.

How to fix it?

First, check the previous content spruce it up to make it at least 300 words. Check out the content that explains your topic appropriately. In the future, prioritize longer content regularly. You can also reach any good SEO Agency in Noida because their Content Marketing Services will help you to fix your content-related issues.

Mistake # 3: Keyword Stuffing

All the webmasters must know mentioning keywords in the content is necessary. But do you know, stuffing your content with keywords hurt your SEO ranking? Not only this, keyword stuffing may lead to really heavy penalties by Google. Google algorithms get more and more sophisticated day by day, they can determine if a website uses such bad SEO stuff to get an edge.

How to fix it?

To avoid such mistakes, try to use the right keywords with the right density instead of stuffing your content with several keywords. You can also take assistance from SEO Agency in Noida or Delhi NCR to avoid Content Marketing Services related issues.

Mistake # 4: Content Duplicacy On Your Site

Recently, If you updated content on your website and an ample amount of content is found duplicate, it can give the ranking of your website a negative impact.

According to Google, “Duplicate content generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely matches other content or is appreciably similar.”

For instance, If you have created new web pages for your site and the newly created pages have blocks of content that are very much similar to other pages on your site (whether it is a title or H1 tags), then that might also be considered plagiarism content.

How to fix it?

To fix the issue of Duplicate content, you can use various tools to check. You can try a few tools for that like Copyscape, Siteliner, and Seo Review tools

Mistake # 5: You Have Recently Made Changes In Content

Case of any sudden changes in the current content of your website might be the reason for the drop in SEO rankings. The changes include H1, keywords, Titles, etc. Content is a critical ranking factor, and all web pages rank based on content. Any changes in it are likely to cause variation in rankings.

How to fix it?

Once you have updated a list of URLs, you can use the previous backup of your website to rewrite the content or discuss with your SEO Expert to suggest the missing keywords in the updated content. This strategy will underrate the impact on lost rankings. You can also use the help of the Way Back Machine to fetch backup from the history, in case you are unable to find a backup of your website.


None of us are perfect when it comes to SEO, but by fixing these SEO mistakes related to Content Marketing Services, you can already initiate enhancing your rankings, and the sooner you do it, the less you’ll have to fix further down the line.

You can also hire any SEO Agency in Noida, which assists in SMO Services and Content Marketing Services to help your company to get SEO ranking hurt.

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