Debunking the Most Common Myths around Website Design

Websites are the face of your brand on the internet. They do not only add credibility to your business but also help in introducing your brand to your new potential customers. Therefore, it is very important that you understand some basic things about the world of websites so that you can optimize your websites in a much better way and use it more efficiently.

To help you learn more, we have collected a list of the most common myths about Web designing that we shall be debunking in this blog. As a web designing company ourselves, we have all the technical knowledge to tell if these myths actually have some truth or are complete lies.

Written below is a list of the most common myths that people often believe in:

1. Websites are all about visuals!
Our verdict: Complete lie

Most people believe that websites are all about aesthetics and designs. But as one of the best website designing companies in Noida, we can debunk this myth very easily. There is a lot of planning and research that goes behind the design of the website. A website design must add to the credibility of the brand and therefore it must be in alignment with the brand’s image and aesthetic. Website designs must also be strategically created to ensure that the elements on the website complement the content and redirect the attention to the parts of websites that need to be highlighted.

Branding is also a very important aspect of website designing. A web designing company must ensure that their web design is in alignment with the brand’s personality which is to say that careful thought must be given before deciding every aspect of the website, from the color to the major elements.

2. Aesthetics are all that matter!
Our verdict: Complete lie

While aesthetics are important, there are other things that you must also consider while getting yourself a website. You must pay attention to the functionality of the website and its responsiveness. When combined with the aesthetics of the website, these two definitely add to the user experience. A quick and responsive website helps the brand to leave a mark in the minds of its users which helps the brand to generate better leads and customer loyalty over time.
Every good web designing company focuses on making the website highly responsive and quick to load. The speed of the website also adds to the usability of the website making it more convenient for the users to browse through.

3. The website must have lots and lots of content!
Our verdict: Complete lie

Many people believe that the more content, the better is the website. This is a complete myth and we are going to tell you why. As a website designing company in Noida, no one will understand the importance of content more than we do. However, stuffing the website with content does not support the website in any way whatsoever. Content on a website must be precise, informative, and engaging. Too much content can make the user lose interest in the website which would increase the bounce-off rate.
A good web designing company knows that excess content affects the website’s performance negatively and therefore, it ensures that the content is relevant, easy-to-read, and is placed in congruence with the design. The content should also be informative and should work to establish a connection between the user of the website and the brand.

4. Homepage is all that matters!
Our verdict: Complete lie

While the homepage is usually the first page that a user will come across, it is not to say that the homepage is more important than the rest of the pages. The “About Us” page is critical to inform your users about your company’s values and beliefs. It is only through the about us page that the customers are truly able to relate to a brand and develop some kind of loyalty towards the brand. Therefore homepage is not the only page that matters.

Every good web designing company ensures that the rest of the website is just as attractive as the homepage so that the website looks credible and stands up to a good standard. This helps to curate an amazing website that offers a wonderful overall experience to its audience and leaves a good impression on the minds of its user.

5. For a web designing company, the work ends when the website has been designed
Our verdict: Complete lie

As a website designing company in Noida, we can verify that nothing could be farther from the truth. Designing a website is only the first step in the website building process. Once the elements and the basic theme of the website have been designed, the content needs to be uploaded to the website. Before a website is made to go live, it must be tested multiple times to ensure that the website is working properly.

Every good web designing company keeps a check on the website even after it has been delivered to the client as a part of its maintenance. These checks must happen regularly to spot broken links and non-responsive elements. Once the problems have been identified, they must be rectified as soon as they can be and the content must be occasionally tweaked to ensure that the website is still relevant.


We have debunked a lot of common myths about web designing in the blog above. A good web designing company is aware of the complicated nuances of the world of web development. As a website designing company in Noidaourselves, we have been a part of this industry for a long time and we wanted to ensure that you are informed about the basics of this industry before you get yourself a website. We hope that this blog helped you.

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