Fuel Your Content Marketing Campaign Through User-Generated Content

User-generated content is simply any content that is written by people who are not the directors of the brand. Content can be anything, including written content, blog entries, forum posts, videos recordings.

Benefits of User Generated Content

  1. The UGC is completely Unique – The user writes the content themselves as it is their personal perspective about the brand and experience. No other company can have the same content as every individual will have another thought for the same thing.
  2. UGC indicates openness to the community – Users like to interact with their favourite brands, so this gives them a chance to communicate with them easily.
  3. It’s costeffective – Your customers only send you the necessary media. You don’t have to do paid ad campaigns for this. If they like your product they will surely recommend it.
  4. It is trustworthy – The users usually believe what other people say. Looking upon their reviews they make mind to go for it or not.
  5. You add Social Evidence – user generated content not only indicates that you have customers, but the customers are willing to take time to create content.

Why is User-Generated Content important for Marketing?

User-generated content is ruling the marketing world. As it steps into the customer’s unwilling ambition to get recognized and accepted. When you get an external recognition or a word of appreciation for your product, and that too from your potential customers, it automatically adds value to your brand and also ads trust for all the other users.

This strengthens the brand to share the content related to their brand with their family and friends over social media platforms.  Content Marketing tells the benefits you are getting when the content is being shared for your brand.

UGC also helps you increase your search engine optimization, if people will review your brand then they will come to visit your website, this will enhance your user – engagement also.

In order to fuel your content marketing campaign through user-generated content make sure to keep these point in your mind:

1.   Authenticity

UGC is the most authentic form of content. And for every customer, authenticity matters a lot. UGC acts as an ambassador of fairness. User-generated content is fair and genuine as it’s the review of the customers about us. Here the point is they are not being forced to applaud us, but they are actually satisfied with your brand, its services, and products.

So, when you showcase user-generated content on your website, you show the authenticity of your brand and its social acceptance among user-base.

2.   User Engagement

The content that is created by your users is unique. Its main source is social media. And everyone knows how addictive social media is, at this time.

Content marketing is the easiest way to grab your targeted audience. As people get engaged to what they think is real and where most of the other peoples have trusted. These are the basic SMO tactics that help you get notified easily.

3.   Conversation

User-Generated Content is the main operator of changes in your business. The UGC presents social evidence, thus building user trust, and convincing them to make the final purchase of your product.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore User-Generated Content

  • User-generated content builds brand awareness
  • UGC helps you form thought leadership for your industry
  • It improves search engine optimization
  • UGC can boost social media reach and growth.


Ways to include User-Generated Content in your Content Marketing Campaign:

1. Contests


One of the best ways to acquire for your content marketing campaign is to do contests.  Well-prepared contests are a good way to get tons of user-generated content.

Few tips to create a successful UGC contest:

  • Finalize the goals of the contest
  • Outline for contest parameters
  • Optimize content for search
  • Promote your contest to boost the reach
  • Choose, notify, and promote the winner

2. Surveys

Not only survey will help you get UGC but also they can help you create effective content marketing. Online surveys can enable you to understand the demographics, roles, and preferences of your users. Also, they can help you dig into perceptions, expectations, and impressions of your audience. When you know this then you can create a result-oriented content marketing campaign.


3. Customer Stories


Have you started to collect customer stories? If not, you should do it immediately. There is a big difference between promises and tangible results. Most businesses promise to solve problems. But do all of them really do? There are so many reasons for the customers not to buy from you. Customer stories remove the doubts of your prospective buyers and persuade them to buy from you.


4. Video Testimonials


90% of customers say their buying decisions are influenced by reviews, meaning that video testimonials have a great potential to maximize the success of your content marketing campaign and bring in big dollars.


5. Create Discussion Groups

Discussion groups can help you get tons of user-generated content. And a good thing is you can easily create them. There are two things that you can do, either host a discussion group on your website or choose a social media platform.


Tips to run a successful discussion group:

  • Pick a relevant topic that your customers
  • Ask questions that relate to pain-points of your buyers
  • Be prompt to address audience concerns



User-generated content is an effective tool for marketers. By combining these tools with your content marketing campaign, you can certainly boost the success of your brand.

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