How to use Branding for effective results in Search Engine Marketing?

One of the most common mistakes that brands tend to do is that they obsess over the search engine marketing and forget about digital branding. In fact it is possible that you haven’t heard of this term before. Despite that, branding is one of the most important parts of any digital or conventional marketing strategy which is why it is critical for you to understand how you can use branding services to support and boost your SEM campaigns.

Let’s start with the Basics!

First we need a reliable definition to understand why Branding is different from Search Engine Marketing.

Search Engine Marketing, also abbreviated as SEM, is a process that uses tools like SEO, PPC, SMM, etc. to enhance your online visibility and thereby promote your business and services. Traditional promotional methods, local search and mobile optimized search solutions are also a part of SEM as long as they are being used to promote the business representation on a search engine.

Branding is a process to decide the values, the services, the messages, and the culture that a business supports. Branding allows the creation of the ideas, the visions, the thoughts that marketing then promotes. It is common for people to assume that branding services just include stuff like logos, colors, designs, links and visibility and promotion. But branding is much more complex than that.

Branding involves truly creating an understanding of the brand. Only after having done the branding right can search engine marketers make campaigns and strategies that align with the concept of the brands. Branding services help a brand to become self-aware and is the reason why most of them are able to establish an online empire.

How to Brand the Right Way to support your Search engine marketing?

If you were to contact an agency for branding services, they will start with a bunch of questions. We have made a list of the most important questions which are fundamental to perform a Branding oriented Search Engine Marketing . Try finding the answers to the questions written below:

1.The “Why” behind your business!

Find Your Purpose!

Ask yourself: “why do you do what you do? What drives you to put efforts into your work? What is the value behind the thought that started your business?”

While you may not seem to have an answer at first, repeated deliberation will definitely make you realize the purpose behind your business. Try remembering:

  • Why did you begin with this business?
  • What group of people are you intentionally helping?
  • What does success mean to you?
  • Why do you wish to work every day?
  • What satisfies you the most about your business?
  • Why does your business matter to you?
  • How do you want your brand to be remembered and perceived as and why?

Questions similar to the ones written below will help you identify your purpose. It goes without saying that you may need to write the answers down and find the common quotient. Branding Service Providers understand that branding is a subjective process, so take your time and don’t be afraid to do things your way!

Walt Disney has a clear purpose –they want to bring joy to children everywhere which is reflected in all their search engine marketing campaigns. You should be able to reach a similar conclusion once you have answered all your questions.

2.       How will you do what you do?

Choose your personality!

Now that you know the “Why,” we can think about the “How.” Your individuality is what makes your brand stand out. While deciding on the personality and picking your voice it is important to remember what ideas and values are attached to your brand. When you purchase branding services from an agency they ask you questions like:

What do you want to sound like? Do you want your brand to be perceived as a formal corporate enterprise or a concerned solution-provider?

So you can ask yourself something like:

  • What personality will help me stay true to my purpose?
  • Will my audience be able to relate and connect with my tone?
  • What other elements would they appreciate in my brand as a user?

Collect your answers and then make sure to implement these effectively while creating your next search engine marketing strategy.

3.     What do you believe in ?

Your values!

 Now let’s decide upon the values that your brand wishes to reflect in its workings. Once you have decided the purpose, defining values should be easy for you. You can write them down and think about how you can apply these values to support the workings of your brand.

These values will also help you to knit your brand together as a group. Your employees will be able to help align their goals with the company better and serve your countries better.

Once you have decided upon that you have almost all the answers you need to optimize your branding to support your SEM goals.

Graphhene Infotech is a Recruitment and Digital Marketing Agency which provides best-in-class Digital Branding Services to help brands like yours! We have helped various clients across different agencies to optimize their brands for better Search Engine Marketing and we would love to do the same for you!

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