What do we do?

Graphhene is a global outsourcing service provider to startups, mid-size, and fortune 500 companies.
Graphhene reinvented traditional operations and business process outsourcing models through more intelligent workflows using AI, automation, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and other emerging technologies. Our primary services are Voice Services, Back Office Services (Non-voice), Programming/ IT services, and Web-based services.
We handle the tasks for your business to help you focus on your core competencies. Agility & swift transition of work is adeptly handled by us.
We have a team of experienced professionals and a skilled workforce that helps companies operate efficiently, achieve their business goals, and increase profitability.
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The basic elements of BPO services:

  • We have an experienced management team.
  • We have a 100% IP-based network.
  • Our escalation procedure is well-defined.
  • Our training programs and workshops are given by skilled trainers.
  • We follow internationally practiced strategies on quality control and quality assurance.

Executive Summary

  • Since 2018, Graphhene has vast experience in offering Business process outsourcing services.
  • We provide services to mid-level and large MNCs to both on domestic and international platform.
  • Our operations are based in Noida, a suburb of New Delhi, India.
  • Our center is complying with an advanced facility and spread over an area of 3000 sq. ft.
  • Our redundancy infrastructure is of three levels with advanced technology.
  • We use the CISCO technology platform.
  • Internet connectivity and the electrical power are hitch-less.
  • Quarterly, the company is marking an accelerated growth rate of over 10%.
  • We have a capacity of 50 stations which we are ramping up to 100 soon.
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