Reason to choose

  • Mobile Workforce Management System (MoWMS) is a unique SaaS, GIS enabled, enterprise ranking application that flawlessly meets multiple business requirements effectively and efficiently.
  • Grap MoWMS has a licensing model designed considering the smooth and competent functioning. This implies, Graphhene doesn’t bill you for the real estate but only for the services you avail.
  • 100% customized services
  • Graphhene’s HRMS Platform, GrapHR can be effortlessly employed with all the integrations of this and other product offerings
Grap Intelligence
Mobile Workforce Management


  • Updated UX
  • Customized application
  • High-end analytics with advanced AI/ML competence
  • Customized features for various business rules and requirements
  • Features for various biometrics solutions
  • The application can be integrated with face recognition offerings
  • Mobile-friendly applications for the workforce
  • Compliant to all data needs and complaint to GDPR
  • Bring transparency and efficiency to the organization

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