Over the past 3 years, Graphhene Software Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading talent acquisition company that provides specialized permanent staffing, T&M contractual staffing, career transition and talent development to remove the challenge of recruiting the right talent. Our portfolio of best recruitment services enables us to meet your company’s staffing requirements across all of your IT business functions.
We have serviced over 200 clients from startups to premier names from India or abroad.
Being talent acquisition specialist we know that candidates are company’s expensive asset and hence we are committed to finding out the top-notch candidates with the help of our systematic approach. We connect with our clients with highly-qualified candidates making the process seamless.
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BPO and KPO Companies in India

Here’s How We Help Our Clients

We are one of the best recruitment agencies in India help our clients in achieving their goals in a strategic and effective way.

Identify a plan

We diagnose your requirements, determine which skills are essential to fill a position, and set a strategy to find the right candidate.

  • Employment application updating & compliance
  • Job description writing & updating
  • Recruiting strategy assistancet
  • Affirmative action plans

Candidate search

Being one of the top recruitment agencies in India we have a database pool of candidates. We look for the right talent for your needs, so you don’t need to take care of multiple job board placements.

  • Applicant resume reviews
  • Job posting ad design
  • Job board placements
BPO and KPO Companies in India
BPO and KPO Companies in India

Screen and Interview

We help determine whom you should focus your energy on, identify feasible candidates, and coordinate interviews for your best options.

  • Employment Verifications
  • Interview process coordination
  • Phone interviews
  • Pre-employment testing
  • Supervisor training – interviewing

Offer and Onboard

We help you in finding the right fit for your position or hire your new employee. Our boarding process is seamless because we believe in professional recruitment services.

  • Employee benefits communication
  • Payroll/direct deposit set-up
  • Secure employee information storage
  • E-verify and criminal background checks
BPO and KPO Companies in India

The talent acquisition outsourcing services we can provide

Talent acquisition solutions in Noida to hire talented employees to build your competitive advantage.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) – Managed Services

As one of the best recruitment agencies, our ultimate aim is to deliver an excellent service. Our dedicated & skilled RPO team completely understands your values, culture, environment, and your business needs. So we come with exceptional talent.

Talent Consultancy Services

Being one of the best companies in talent recruitment in Delhi/NCR, we provides clients with the next generation of talent consulting, using smart technology to match business requirements balanced with human-focused expertise.

Candidate Services

The thing which makes us different from other recruitment agencies in India is we utilize innovative technology to reach to right candidate. We fully understand the need of candidate and treat them with respect which makes us the perfect talent partner..
BPO KPO Companies in Delhi NCR

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